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Smartlist datasource and web services configuration

Sean asked 5 years ago
I’m having trouble running a SmartConnect map using a Smartlist as the datasource; the Smartlist is all Credit Memo’s not on hold and the map is to use that data to set the Hold flag to 1. When I attempt to execute the SmartConnect map from withing Smartlst I get the following message: “Error running Smartlist Unable to connect to the remote server”.
In our environment, our GP client sits on a separate server from our SmartConnect client installation.  On the SmartConnect vm box I have the Web and WCF services installed and confirmed they were setup properly and I was able to browse to the websites (as instructed in the User Manual).  I’ve also been through the application configuration for the web service.  I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but can’t figure out what it is.  I’m sure it’s possible to have GP and SmartConnect on separate boxes and still use a smartlist as a datasource to change data.  I also installed the GP piece so within Smartlist I can open the Additional dropdown and I see the SmartConnect Run option. Can someone point me in the right direction what I might not have setup correctly?
Jared Dux Staff answered 5 years ago
When you choose SmartConnect Run  in SmartList make sure you actually use the drop down to select the map id in the Run Map window.  It will be pre-populated, but it requires you to select it still.
Sean Reynolds replied 5 years ago

Thanks Jared! I didn’t think about actually selecting the map after seeing it was defaulting in the Run Map window.

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