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Smartlist Bulder 2013 Registration Error

LPeters asked 8 years ago
I have installed Smartlist Builder 2013 for GP 2013 SP2 and I cannot register the product.

I keep getting: "get/chnge operation on table E1_Registration cannot find the table"

There is no information in Knowledgebase so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Best Answer
Patrick answered 8 years ago

It sounds like the table didn't get created for some reason.

This should have happened as you initially logged in as the 'sa' user so I'm not sure why it wasn't.

What you can do is go to:

Microsoft Dynamics GP | Maintenance | SQL 

Choose the system database as your "Database" 
Choose Product as "SmartList Builder"

I would recommend that you choose all the tables in case there are more that haven't been created.

Once you have them selected, mark the "Create Table" checkbox and then press Process.

This will loop through the table list and create them all.  If they don't exist, nothing "bad" will happen as long as you didn't mark the Drop Table checkbox.

Once you do this, you should be able to enter the registration keys just fine.


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