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Smartlist Builder with column names reversed

Dennis asked 7 years ago
Our client is currently using SmartList Builder for GP2015 R2. Something changed recently where they noticed that most, if not all, of their SmartLists in GP (standard SmartLists) was changed somehow for financial SmartLists.  The Display Name for the Debit and Credit columns are now reversed.  When they generated a smartlist, the Display Name for the credit column displays “debit” and the Display Name for the debit column says “credit”.  In an attempt to fix the problem, our client went ahead and manually changed each SmartList display name to the correct name.
What could possibly be the cause, how do we fix it? Is there possibly a bug in the SmartList Builder functionality “modify” that could cause this?  or something a user did inadvertently? Any help, would be greatly appreciated.
David answered 7 years ago
Yes, this happens when people modify the default SmartList.  Even though it’s a new button in GP 2013, somehow people seem to think it’s for creating favorites.  People get in there, start creating a filter, and then realize that somehow this doesn’t look correct.  They cancel out of modifying it, and it asks if they want to save changes, and they naturally hit yes.  
The solution is to delete the modified list, and the default one will come back.  Open up SmartList Builder, and change the list type to “Existing”.  Hit the drop down there and see if any SmartLists have an asterisk after it. any of them that do are modified.  Just pull the list up and click on the Delete button.  
The next time you open the SmartList it will revert back to the default SmartList and everything will be back to normal.  

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