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SmartList builder security

Manny asked 4 years ago
We have a user who has access to the SmartList Builder window, but cannot access the “Existing” SmartList Type.  He gets the following error:

You don’t have security privileges to open this window.  Contact your system administrator for assistance.  Security Access Denited to Window: ExistingSmartListObject (Background) in Dictionary 3830 (SmartList Builder).

Not sure what security I need to add to fix this…
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 4 years ago
I believe the security record you are probably missing for this user is one called “Modify existing SmartLists”.  You can find this in the Security Tasks under the Product of SmartList Builder, the Type of SmartList Builder Permissions, and the Series of SmartList Builder.
Hopefully once they have access to this security record, they will be able to modify the existing default SmartLists that come with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Manny replied 4 years ago

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for responding. I’m looking at the security task and I don’t see an item named “Modify existing SmartLists”. I see the following (and they are all checked):

– Create a Go to that opens a Dynamcis GP form
– Create a Go to that opens a file
– Create a Go to that opens a website
– Create a Go to that opens another SmartList
– Create a Go to that opens that runs a procedure
– Create SmartLists with SQL Tables
– Enter Calculated Fields
– Update SmartList
– View SmartLists with SQL Tables.

We are running GP2015R2

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