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Smartlist Builder Receivables Transactions aging bucket

Geoff James asked 8 years ago
Hi, I have come upon an issue in Smartlist Builder 12.00.0070. Under Receivables Transactions if you add the aging bucket field it returns integers, and not the name from a Drop Down List. The standard GP works, but the view created by Smartlist Builder, SLBReceivablesTRX, does not contain the table RM40201, which holds the names of the aging fields. This was working on the client site before upgrading to GP 2013. Is someone able to make this change? Regards, Geoff James
Best Answer
Jared answered 8 years ago
Does the list need to be modified by SmartList Builder?  If not, you can delete the modified version in SmartList Builder and after relaunching SmartList you will have the canned Receivables Transactions list returned.  This is an option new to GP2013, so on their previous build they were definitely using the canned list.  If you do need it modified you can link the RM Period Setup (RM40201) table on the Index and Aging Bucket fields which will allow you to add the RM Period Description.
Geoff James answered 8 years ago
Hi Jared, Thanks for that information. We ended up just added a calculated field for now. Regards, Geoff James

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