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SmartList Builder lists not populating

Jerry asked 9 years ago

We have both SmartList and SmartView at a customer site.  Generic, out-of-the-box SmartLists are operational, but newly created SmartLists are not running – columns are visible in the right side box, but when we launch the report we get 'The multi-part identifier T1.XXXX could not be bound'.

We are logged in as 'sa' and have run the 3 maintenance tasks (Create/Update Views; Update Field Cache; Update missing physical names) and have exited and relaunched Smart View.

These lists are all operational in SmartList

Is there any sort of SQL Table/View level security that we need to grant?


Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
This error generally occurs when the versions of SmartList Builder and SmartView are not compatible. If you are using Build 23 or higher of SmartView Internal or Build 21 or higher of SmartView External, you have to be on Build 55 or higher of SmartList Builder. The same can be said if you are using Build 55 or higher of SmartList Builder, you have to be on SmartView Internal build 21 or higher and build 23 or higher for SmartView External. Thanks, Nicole
Scott replied 9 years ago

I know that SmartView creates a SQL user named SmartView and on the GP DB that should be assigned to the DYNGRP group and thus have all rights. Is the SLB list only looking at the tables in the current GP company or are you accessing tables in a different database? if you are accessing tables in a different database I found that you need to map the SmartView SQL user to that DB with the appropriate security rights.
The manual states that the DYNGRP security group needs to be mapped but that didn’t work in my testing.

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