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Smartlist Builder and Extender Registration

Mick asked 1 year ago

We just upgraded from 18.00.0704 through to 18.4.1436 and Smartlist Builder 18.04.0040 and Extender 18.04.0101 and couldn’t get the Registration Account Code to stay registered.  Each time you Logged into GP it would state that Smaertlist Builder neeed to be Registered.

Using the dexsql log we found it was trying to do an Update followed by an Insert into the DYNAMICS.dbo.E1REG Table.

The Insert failed due to a Primary Key Voilation, in other words the record already existed.

We deleted the E1REG Table for the Extender and Smartlist Builder products and then tried the Registration again, and now the Products are Registered.


Mick replied 1 year ago

I forgot to mention we also received an error message on Login: dynamics gp messages #24574

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