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Ryan asked 11 years ago
We’re using GP and CRM and currently have it connected through the standard Connector. We also are going to be using AlertStratus for CRM which will allow us to do project/case/contract billing from CRM into GP. They currently create the orders on the case and once you generate the orders for all the cases, it groups them together and records all the service activities as line items (products in CRM). When it comes over to GP, each product is a line item in GP. For example: 5 cases, 10 service activities total would show 10 line items in SOP in GP 2010. Can SmartConnect allow us to combine those service activities for each case so it would have 1 order and 5 line items instead of the 10? What can i can tell, the product line is linked directly to the service activity, which is then linked to the case. if you need any further information you can call me at the office at: 561-392-8135
Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 11 years ago
Yeah we can definitely format/group the data how we want when we send it between CRM and GP. You would want to make sure you link in all the needed entities when you create the query from CRM. Then in the mapping you can set the grouping in the header and line nodes for the SOP transaction when you map each so it groups your data down to the correct amount of lines. You can also use the functions that are available when doing the grouping so your amounts and totals are correct too. If you would like more specific help on this particular case our services team would be able to help you out. You can contact if you would like to engage our services team. H

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