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Smartconnect with Extender destination

Lyn W asked 8 years ago
Is there any documentation on setup and mapping to Extender in SmartConnect?  I can't find any setup instructions in the help file or user guide, but I do find one mapping instruction that reads:

6. Select the Dynamics node type required. The valid actions that can be performed using this node group and type will then be displayed in the node mapping window.
7. Select the add Extender object button to add extender data to the integration.

I don't have an "add Extender object" button.

I have one Extender (standard, not enterprise) window and view, I have re-created the cache in GP and re-run system maintenance in SmartConnect. 

This is GP 2010 11.2320 and SmartConnect
Best Answer
lorren answered 8 years ago

The "Add Extender Object" is only available for Extender 2013.  Being on GP/Extender 2010, you need to use SmartConnect Node Maintenance to add the Extender object to the node type.


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