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Smartconnect Windows Service

Mick Egan asked 5 years ago
We have an issue with Smartconnect on version where the Smartconnect Windows Service runs find during the day, but the next morning the Schedule Maps fail to run.
After the service is restarted the Schedule Maps run fine all day, but then the next day we need to restart the Windows Service.
There are no errors or messages in the event logs indicating there are any problems,
The Smartconnect Windows Service was moved to another Server and the same issue arises.
Anyone have similar experience and found a resolution.
Best Answer
Mick Egan answered 5 years ago
After uninstalling Smartconnect and installing the latest version, the eOne Service now appears to remain active all the time.
Jasper replied 3 years ago

I’m running into the same issue where the scheduled maps fail to run every couple days requiring a reboot. Did you reinstall SmartConnect on a dedicated server or is it shared with SQL?

MICK EGAN answered 3 years ago
We have Smartconnect installed in various combinations within our customer base, some on the SQL Server, some on an Apps Server, etc.  On one version it seems to build up sessions and then just fails, that is with excel as the data source.
We are still waiting on a few of these customers to upgrade so we can uplift Smartconnect to the latest version.
Lorren Zemke replied 3 years ago

Mick, SmartConnect 2018 will work all the way back to GP 2010 so what upgrade are you waiting on? All it needs on the server is .NET Framework 4.7.1 to be able to install.

MICK EGAN answered 3 years ago
That is good news, didn’t realise the Smartconnect 2018 was compatible that far back, we will look at our option and upgrade the customers where we can.

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