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SmartConnect Will Not Launch asked 10 years ago

SmartConnect 2012 launches just fine, when engaged from the desktop shortcut.  But, at one GP 2010 client, it will not launch when you try to do so from the GP SmartConnect menu.

The dynamics.set files references SmartConnect.  Why can it not be launched from within?

Best Answer
Ruaan Jonker answered 10 years ago
Hi John

The button inside GP launches the exact same file as the desktop shortcut.
If you are running GP on a terminal server or citrix environment, and SmartConnect is already open on that server, the button inside GP will not work.

Just create a desktop shortcut for all users to open SmartConnect.

johnellis replied 10 years ago

Thanks, Ruann!    John

Arthur Hassall replied 9 years ago

I'm not entirely clear on this. Are you saying that there is only a single instance of SmartConnect which is allowed, and that if that is launched on the server console that the terminal users are locked out? Are you saying that terminal users are restricted to a single execution of SmartConnect, or that terminal users are only impacted by the console session? If the solution is to control access methods then wouldn't unpublishing the app on the server console be preferable to forcing terminal users to a separate application shortcut? Please advise.

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