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SmartConnect Timeout Issues

KHowardJoslin asked 9 years ago

I'm running several SQL scripts via SmartConnect after the map runs successfully. This is something I do regularly.

However, I'm received a "timeout period has expired" message when I attempt to run this script fromt he map. The script takes about 40 seconds if executed directly from SQL.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Best Answer
kevin answered 9 years ago
Hi Howard,

The solution to this issue depends on how you are running the scripts after the map has completed.

If the scripts are  VB,NET or C# scripts, check the timeout in the connection string and make sure that it is long enough for your script to run.
If the script is run through a SQL Command task then the default timeout is the default timeout of your SQL server.


Chris Hanson answered 9 years ago
If you are using scripts then there is a specific timeout you can set in the code. It would look something like what is below where I have declared a command object (named command) and then am setting the timeout property (in seconds):

command.CommandTimeout = 60


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