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SmartConnect stops working after upgrade to 2015 and GP 2015 R2

Joseph Markovich asked 7 years ago
After upgrading to SmartConnect 2015 and GP 2015 R2, SmartConnect has stopped working.  It no longer runs any of my maps that have either a pre-step to Execute SQL or a destination of SQL Table or any GP Change maps.  These are the errors I am receiving:
– When creating a new GP change map: said the tracking table was created successfully but after I set everything up and hit save, receive an error of “Invalid column name ‘Method'”

– For the existing GP change maps — if I try and run them manually or the schedule server tries to run them automatically, the error is “Could not save record”.  There’s another error too: “not-null property references a null or transient value eOne.SmartConnect.Connectors.Microsoft.Dynamics.Gp.MsGPChangeDataSource.FilterFields.

– The triggers on some of my tables are missing: example: SOP10100, IV00101 after the GP upgrade.  I can understand this because of the changes GP has made to the tables, but System Maintenance does not put them back?
– For the existing maps that have a SQL Query step or have a destination of SQL Table, the maps successfully run, but the SQL script does not run and nothing is actually updated.
I’ve had a support case open since the beginning of January and haven’t heard anything back yet — so hopefully this will get a response on how I can fix this.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago

For #1 and #3, you should follow up on the case to see where it is at. Perhaps we were waiting on you for a question or perhaps your issues got lost in the shuffle of cases.

For #2, I think I would agree with you. System Maintenance ought to re-register the triggers (or remove them if the checkbox is unmarked) but it doesn’t appear that SC is currently doing this.

As I noted, while I think that SC should do this – it is somewhat of a tossup if this is a bug or a feature.
But to get the ball rolling, I encourage you to enter this as a SmartConnect product suggestion.


Brad replied 7 years ago

What was your resolution to the Invalid Column Name ‘Method’? I am getting the same thing…

Andy Cronk replied 5 years ago

Manually drop the smart connect tables in the GP database, re-open the map and re-choose the options (i.e. create update delete) and it creates the tracking table and triggers for you

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