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SmartConnect Service won't restart automatically

Joyce VanJura asked 5 years ago
The SmartConnect Service sometimes stops and it is set to restart automatically but doesn’t.  Any suggestions?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

For Windows to automatically restart the service, it depends on why it is stopped.

I believe that feature to auto-restart only occurs if there is an unhandled exception in the service causing the service to crash.

However if something happens in the service – for example an expected process fails to run or the setup configuration can’t be reset, then the service will tell itself to stop.

You can that this happened if you look in the SmartConnect event log, you would see an Information message:
Stopped eOne SmartConnect Service

Before that there will most likely be some kind of error message that happened that caused the service to tell the service to shutdown.

I have thought about it but haven’t tried it, but you could use the Windows Scheduler Service to check to verify that the eOne SmartConnect Service running.

Write some PowerShell code (or perhaps VBScript) that runs and checks to verify the service is running. If not, then start it.

Then create a Windows Task Scheduler job that runs every however often you want that runs the PowerShell you just wrote.

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