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SmartConnect – service has been detected to stop

Julia Elizabeth Gallegos Casillas asked 3 years ago
   The smartconnect service has been detected to stop, it happens sometimes and we can not find some evidence in event viewer about some error. The customer has Dynamics GP 2018.
Oluwadamilola Ajayi replied 2 years ago

Hi Julia,

Login to the machine where the service is running, right-click on the “eOne SmartConnect Service” and pick “Stop”. Then right-click on it and pick start.

If the service won’t start or it starts for a second and then stops right away, something is wrong with the account. Could be any of the following.

1. Password is wrong/expired
2. Account is locked out of the active directory
3. The account isn’t configured in SmartConnect as an administrator, so the account doesn’t have access to run the map.
4. The account isn’t a local machine administrator. Typically to avoid any security/permissions issues, any account used to run a Windows service should be added to the local admin group.

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