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SmartConnect Security window Allow Checkbox is un-responsive.

Lewis asked 4 years ago
I’m the administrator in SmartConnect and have setup new users.  A time back I’ve added maps for users to use. Now, when I go to the Smartconnect Security Window, under that user, The “Allow” check box is not responding to clicking it on or off.  This is keeping me from giving an existing user  access to a new map.  What I’m I missing?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 4 years ago
The user is already setup as an administrator. When the user is marked as an administrator they are automatically given access to all maps. The boxes on the maps window are grayed out and left as they are. When new maps are added they aren’t checked, but the user still has access.
Lewis replied 4 years ago


Thank you for the quick reply,,, Your response was helpful…
I’m troubleshooting templates that do not process for certain users. There are no errors, however the maps don’t import data for specific users… still investigating.

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