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SmartConnect schema file needs to be recreated

Kevin asked 7 years ago
We upgraded to GP 2015 and SmartConnect 20.15..51 and ever since then, our integrations that use a text file, when we change the file to a new file every month for the integration, we have to recreate the schema file, which then requires us to re-map all of the fields from the file, even though the names of the columns are still the same. This is very tedious and frustrating. Is there some way to avoid this or what are we doing wrong? We also get a message that states “Please note the schema file will be deleted every time  the map is run”.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
If the file name changes each time but the format is the same, then I would change the Data Source to a Folder Data source. This allows you to set up a file template and schema.ini based on that template and the file name used for the data source will not matter.
Matt Flowers replied 7 years ago

Hey Lorren,
I’m having a similar issue where I am copying an existing map (ODBC Text) and pointing to a new file. As soon as I do this I cannot connect to the file. We are using a script to create the data from the csv file and it looks like if I use the folder data source I cannot use the script. Thoughts? And yes, this is Matt who worked with you at a former employer. Thanks, Lorren! Would be happy to do a screen share with you.

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