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SmartConnect Scheduler asked 10 years ago

Up until SmartConnect 2012, I was always able to configure SmartConnect to schedule a map to run.

Now, in the last three test environments that I have worked with in both 2012 and 2013, I cannot get a SmartConnect map to run through scheduling.

I have run through the KB articles without success. 

Now, someone told me that you need to install the Windows Service only on the SQL server.  But, the clients are never going to go on the SQL box to run a SmartConnect map.

Someone I spoke with swore that the Windows Service needs to be installed only on the SQL box.  But, is that true?  Does it, also, have to be installed on the Terminal Server and wherever else the client will access SmartConnect and schedule a map to run?


Best Answer
Alyson Van Alstyne answered 10 years ago
Hi, John,  I have Smartconnect 2012 running at a client site and I have several jobs scheduled successfully.  I have both the Econnect for Dynamics GP 2010 Integration Service and the eOne Smartconnect Service running on both the SQL and Terminal server…not sure if that helps you.  
johnellis answered 10 years ago
Sigh…, it sounds like I was given wrong information originally.  You do, then, have to have the Windows Service installed on both the SQL and Terminal Server boxes.  Would have been nice to know that.  Now, I have to reinstall.  Great!

Thanks, for the quick response.

Elsa Williams answered 3 years ago
My question is if you have the scheduler installed on sql plus app server and say the app server goes down, will the scheduled integrations still run?  And if the sql server is rebooted and that schedule service doesn’t come back on (but SQL service does), and the app server schedule service is running, will the scheduled integrations run?

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