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SmartConnect scheduled maps no longer trigger

Jason asked 9 years ago
A couple of weeks ago SmartConnect was updated to the latest version service pack. There are 7 scheduled maps that have been working since January but stopped triggering afterwards. Some maps last successful run is listed as October 17 and others are listed as October 19. The upgrade to the latest version service pack was done on October 19 so the scheduled maps would not trigger afterwards.

Knowledge base articles on troubleshooting, configuring schedule maps not triggering have been completed and checked out. I even updated the next run date to be sure, confirmed service was running but they did not trigger this morning as expected.

I am about to removed the scheduled maps and recreate them to see if that resolves it. Are there any other thoughts?

Thanks Jason
kevin replied 9 years ago


We will need more information than you have provided in order to trouble shoot your issues properly. Please check your email for a list of questions sent seperately.



Jason replied 9 years ago

Thanks Kevin, I received your email and am collecting the information for you now.

Thanks, Jason

JosephMarkovich replied 9 years ago

I am going to piggyback on this post with scheduled map problems of my own.

This has been happening on and off where the scheduled maps just stop running. I restart the SmartConnect service, then go to the Schedules tab in SmartConnect, double click on each map so the schedule comes up, and then click Save to update the next run date.

Then the maps start running again.

Why is this happening?

Am running version

Thank you — Joe

Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

I would recommend downloading the latest Smart Connect release from the web site as there have been numerous updates to the scheduling engine.

You can download it using this link

JosephMarkovich replied 9 years ago

Hi Lorren-

Thanks for the info. I have upgraded to the latest version now and the problem seems to be happening more. At the time where all the scheduled maps stop working, this is the error in Event Viewer: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. Do you have any thoughts on what is going on?

Thanks. -Joe

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