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SmartConnect Schedule Server

Ankur asked 9 years ago

We are running SmartConnect 2012 with GP R2010 SP3. We installed Windows service along with econnect integration service on the Production Terminal Server where SmartConnect is installed and there are about 5 maps that are schedule to run. All works fine.

Now we setup a TEST environment and we restored all the GP company databases and SmartConnect db and install Smartconnect, window service and eConnect service on a TEST Terminal server, why is that even if we are not using the Windows service on the TEST Terminal Server to schedule any maps, when I open Smartconnect and go to Schedule Server it gives me list of all the servers that has Smart Connect window service installed and the option to Activate or Deactivate. I do not want to accidently deactivate the schedule server running on production.

What change do i need to make so that each server Production or TEST sees its own services for scheduling.

Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
You mentioned you restored everything from Prod to Test, which would be why all the references to Live are still there – including the scheduler servers.

There is a table named ScheduleServer in the SmartConnect database that has the servers/services listed. You can remove the ones you want to from the Dev server so you don't see them in the interface any longer.

Whenver you modify a table directly you'd want to do a backup first and isn't something I'd recommend for Live environments.


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