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SmartConnect schedule ignoring Repeat frequency

Jennifer asked 5 years ago
I have a map scheduled to run every 15 minutes and the scheduler is not working as I believe it’s described to be working.
It appears to run once successfully (when there is data), it runs once more 15 minutes later as expected, finds no data, then stops. I keep looking at it in morning and the next scheduled run date is 24 hours after that first time it found no data.
This is an integration where we can’t use real-time folder triggers because the SmartConnect service is not on the machine where the source folders are located. Per other support questions, it appears that the service has to be on the same server where the folder is to trigger that feature. 
What other options can you suggest to have a map run more frequently than daily in this situation? Is there some setting I’m missing where it knows to keep the schedule even if there is no data returned?
Jennifer replied 5 years ago

PS this client is using SC and GP 2013 R2. If newer builds/versions of SmartConnect have improved scheduling functionality, I will certainly suggest they upgrade!

Jen answered 5 years ago
FWIW, I think I’ve found the problem but it may be a bug I’m experiencing.
My schedule is supposed to be every 15 minutes. The scheduled map is set to consider “no data returned” = success, if that matters. However, the schedule doesn’t increment properly if no data is found. Here’s what I tested and hopefully you can reproduce it.

  • I manually changed the schedule to say 3:30pm today and save it on a given map.

  • The tables show 3:30pm today for ScheduleMaster and Hours 15, Minute 30 in StartableTrigger. The Trigger table correctly shows the increment on my map is 15. So, all looks good.

  • At 3:30pm the map runs, no data found, and increments to 3:45pm. ScheduleMaster shows 3:45pm but SortableTrigger still shows hours 15, minute 30.

  • At 3:45pm the map runs, no data found, but now increments to TOMORROW at 3:30pm (the “hours/minutes” time from startabletrigger). It completely ignores the increments.

  • If data had existed, this doesn’t seem to be an issue but I have no idea why the presence of data should impact this behaviour.

Is it possible some process is also supposed to update StartableTrigger each time the NextRunDateTime is incremented? Something just seems off there, like it sees the time in StartableTrigger, realizes that time has passed already so it has no choice but to increment the date by 1 day and use that time. That’s my guess… I could be way off.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago


Well your SmartConnect 2014 is very old (SC 2015->SC2016, to now SC 2017 is the latest) but I’ve not heard of this issue as you describe it.

I’d look at a simpler explanation as you don’t mention one crucial detail.

On your schedule, what is the “for the duration of” set to?
I suspect “15 minutes” since you said “it runs initially and then again and then schedules for the next day”.

“For the duration of” is Aussie for “how long should I run this process” instead of giving you and End Time (added in SC 2015).

So if you want this to run 24 hours in a day, you would set this to 1440 minutes.

So in your case it is set to start at 3:30 and it does and runs. The “next time” would be 3:45. SC looks at the duration and says “ok that makes the next runtime to be 3:45, yes that’s ok”.

it runs at 3:45 again and it looks at the start 3:30 + 15 (duration) and says “well, they don’t want it to run any later than 3:45” and sets it to the next day at 3:30 which is what you are describing.

Solution: check your “duration” and set it to a longer time (or 1440 for 24/7 for all day)

Jen replied 5 years ago

OMG… that will totally explain it. Your help documentation gives very little information about what this duration is meant for and had it given an example like this, it would have made a lot more sense what to put there! Yes, my duration was too short… now that makes sense.

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