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SmartConnect – Receivings line calculated tax

Shaun Daws asked 7 years ago
I’m trying to import some receivings transactions lines and have it all set up to work fine for tax-free entries.
When I add a taxable line, however, the tax is not shown. If I open GP, and navigate to the tax screen for the item, it will calculate the amount, but I would have to do this line by line.
Is there any way to have the tax calculate during import?BTW I have also tried providing the tax details, but I get a “tax details already exist” error when I try to import.
Any ideas?
Rick replied 6 years ago

Hi Shaun
Did you ever figure this out? We have signed up to do some training so i assume we will figure it out there but i also don’t understand the requirements for tax calculations

Shelly answered 5 years ago
I would like the answer to this as well.  I am having the same issue.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 5 years ago
Here is a link to Microsoft’s documentation on Purchase Receiving. Note, that you provide the tax on the line and the tax detail line but not in the header.
For some reason Microsoft did not include automatic tax calculations within their eConnect business logic. This means that if you need line level taxes, you have to calculate the tax amount and put it into the TAXAMNT column.

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