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SmartConnect Problems

Julia Elizabeth Gallegos Casillas asked 2 years ago

I have a Dynamics GP Integration withn SmartConnect, it creates a negative adjustment and update a processed field in the table like 1 because only works with the records with processed 0, we notice the integration leave some records and integrates others adjustments, more late the not processed records appear like processed but duplicate the adjustment in GP, we didn’t have the service stopped… this happen twice and need to identify what is happening.

Julia Gallegos
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
It sounds like you have created a Change Data source map.  In it, the source “change” records have a Processed = 0 value and when the integration runs it normally would mark those as Processed = 1.
In your case, that seems to not be happening for some records.
The only thing I can think of is that it might be because you modified the Key Fields of the map.
By default on a change map, the sc_Sequence is added for you and should be the only key field for the map.
The reason is because that is what points back to the individual record.  If you change this key field, then depending on what the actual source is – SQL Change, SF change, CRM change, etc) then smartconnect might not be able to update all the records properly and so you have some marked 1 and some that don’t get properly marked.
The resolution would be to either:
1. If possible, change the Key Field back to just the default sc_Sequence value (and maybe adjust grouping on map if you change that as well)
2. You might need to run a 2nd map on the “after document success” task. The target could be this same change table – again whichever type that your change source is.  There you would run an ‘after document success’ task and run a map that would specifically run and update that change source yourself to set the Processed = 1 flag.

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