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SmartConnect POP Receiving Shipment/Invoice for Project Accounting taPOPRCPTLINEINSERT Fails

Roger Thayer asked 8 years ago
I have set up a map in SmartConnect (aka 2013) to import receiving transactions.  The destination type is Microsoft Dynamics GP, the group is Purchase Order Processing, the node type is Receivings.  The node lines selected are ProjectAccountingReceiving, Add line item and Add distribution.  When run the error appears, “Procedure or function ‘taPopRcptLineInsert’ expects parameter ‘@I_vQTYSHPPD’, which was not supplied.  The data is available and mapped.
Can you help resolve this, or is this a Microsoft procedure that is failing?
Lorren replied 8 years ago

Roger, if you switch the destination to Dynamics GP – File and review the XML, does the QTYSHPPD node show the value? If so, then it is something in the stored procedures. If there is no value then it something in the mapping of that field.

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