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SmartConnect Performance

Jake asked 6 years ago
I’m working with GP 2013 R2, SmartConnect, eConnect 12.0.1, and MEM trying to import SOP documents.
This client has many other integrations that run perfectly fine. However, the newest one they requested is taking a very long time, so I made a very simple SOP import to test it.
In their environment, it takes 9.5 minutes to import 1 SOP invoice with 500 lines, but only 2.5 minutes to import 500 SOP invoices with 1 line each.
Since is the same total number of lines (and 1 invoice even saves 499 header inserts), why does 1 invoice take so much longer?
I’ve run them both to files and the only real difference is that when it’s one invoice it calls multiple taSopLineIvcInsert nodes within taSopLineIvcInsert_Items. (Consistent with the eConnect documentation.)
I talked to Chris during the Office Hours last Friday, but none of his ideas have been able to help solve this issue.

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