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SmartConnect not passing Facility MEM code to New Company

Joyce VanJura asked 4 years ago
We added a new company to GP and copied our current MAPS for the old company and updated the destination but the Facility code will not populate in the new company.  The integration works except for the Facility field for MEM from Binary Stream.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
If your map contains a user defined field for Facility ID and you’ve mapped a field to it, then there isn’t a way that SC isn’t passing that value.
A better question (ie most likely your solution) is:
Did you load the custom eConnect procs that Binary Stream gave you into this new company DB?
Joyce VanJura replied 4 years ago

Per our programmer: The stored procedures are loaded from the Setup -> System Maintenance -> Process in Smart connect. I have already done this. The Userdefined field Is loaded. Ours Is Facility. Should It be “Facility ID”. Also, is that process correct?

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 4 years ago

Joyce, The Binary Stream MEM stored procedures are not loaded from any process within SmartConnect. They have to be loaded from the Binary Stream processes. You should find their stored procedures in the Binary Stream install.

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