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SmartConnect Menus not showing in GP 2015 (on Azure)

Ann asked 6 years ago
Hi everyone,
I loaded SmartConnect 2016 in a GP2015R2 env and the GP connecter, etc, ran maintenance etc..all from console.   I’m am  able to access and run maps from the console.  I  setup several users as admins (verified by checking the ‘user’ table in the SmartConnect Dbase.) but these users can not see SmartConnect windows within GP.  What they can see is ‘Tools>SmartConnect>GP resource cache
Wondering if b/c I had to choose  the domain (it wanted to default to the computer name) when setting up the users to ‘find’ them, that that may be the issue??  I dunno, maybe I’m missing something obvious here. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
GP Resource Cache is the only option for smartconnect as SmartConnect was moved from “inside GP” to “outside” of GP quite a few versions ago.
SmartConnect is now fully “external” to GP and users would launch smartconnect from the SmartConnect icon that would install to the desktop.
Ann replied 6 years ago

Ha! That was easy thanks a ton! Yep, they are on an old version. Doesn’t help I was trying to ‘find’ the menus a few weeks back and found the user had to be admin. Thought it was something to do with that. Appreciate the fast response.

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