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SmartConnect Mapping Drop-Down Won’t Let Me Choose

johnellis asked 9 years ago
We're using SmartConnect for GP 2010.  In the mapping for some of the fields for "Column Type", SmartConnect will not let me choose a selection other than "List Option".  How can I get it to let me change the drop-down list?
johnellis replied 9 years ago

Well, the Column Type drop-down list will let me choose something other than “List Option”, such as “Source Column” or “Calculation”.  But, when I go over to the “Column Name” column, the “Column Type” column reverts back to “List Option”.  So, we’re stuck and can’t map any further.
How can I get SmartConnect to let me change the Column Type drop-down list?  Is this going to require installing an update to SmartConnect or running Maintenance?


johnellis replied 9 years ago

Resolved….this is a bug.  Resolution is to drag the columns over from the left to the right.

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