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SmartConnect Map string field maximum length

Alistair asked 5 months ago


We have a SmartConnect (version Map with a ‘Folder Data Source’ which reads data from an Excel Sheet. The destination is Microsoft Dynamics GP, Group is Sales Order Processing and Node Type is Sales Orders. One of the actions is ‘Add line item’, and within that action we map a source ‘ItemDescription’ column to a destination ‘Item description’ column. This all works fine.

We would like to include additional detail in the item description, however the detail is truncated when we run the Map. The Excel template (created some time ago by an external consultant) has a comment suggesting that the maximum importable data length is 60 characters, although the map actually seems to truncate at 66. The destination field in MS Dynamics GP appears to have a defined size of 101. I have not been able to find anywhere in the Map that defines the maximum width of string data per field. Is there any way to control the field length for Map sourcing data from Excel?




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