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SmartConnect Map Not Running on Schedule

Tudor asked 9 years ago
I have a map scheduled to run at 4AM every morning, if I check the Last Run Date, it does say the map was run on each day! However, the new data which was supposed to be synched is not. This is a map which synchronizes data from GP 2013 into CRM 2011.

Looking at the Next Run Date, it does have the correct date and time for the next day and the schedule is Active. The data sources are fine, and if I run the map manually, all data which was supposed to sync does sync.

The eOne SmartConnect service is also running, so I'm not sure why the map is actually not running.

As per some blog posts I tried activating/deactivating the schedule and saving it again, restarted the service but nothing seems to work.

What else should I try? (SmartConnect Version is

Thank You!
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

I would definitely recommend upgrading to the latest release of SmartConnect


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