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Smartconnect Map for SOP Return with Lot Numbers

Alyson Frost asked 7 years ago
I have a very simple map for importing SOP Returns with Lot Number, but I cannot get passed the error for taSOPLotAuto that expects parameter   @I_vQuantity that wasn’t supplied, but It is .
I’m returning the quantity type as In Service , I have the DocID suppied and the Default location as well as the Lot number.
Depending on what you are doing in your map, the “required Fields” may or may not show up as Red.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 7 years ago
What is the actual error? Can you retype it? 
If you change the destination to Dynamics GP – File and past the XML, we can see what actual value is that you are trying to send. If you are mapping the Assign Lot Number node, the quantity is required to be mapped but that doesn’t mean the Quantity from the source is 0. 
Per your comment about required fields, yes there are times where the Dynamics GP Business logic will tell you a value is needed based on what other values are supplied. Due to that logic, eConnect does not show fields as always required. There is no logic designed into SmartConnect that can set fields as required as you map fields, the logic for required fields is all generated by Microsoft eConnect API.

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