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SmartConnect – Invoke Real-Time GP to CRM Map

Anthony H asked 8 years ago

I'm attempting to create a real-time map from GP to CRM2011 (on-premise).  I've successfully setup the real-time data-source and confirmed that the connection is successful: The Product, Series and Table are all populated, the query definition returns the shape of the rows that will be returned by the SQL query, and I've specified the two GP companies that will be queried.

I've created a map, associated it with the real-time data-source and validated the connection without issue, then mapped it to the corresponding CRM entity type.  Within the mapping options all of the DEBUG and LOG options have been selected to ensure that verbose diagnostics are emitted.  The map was registered without an errors.

From SmartConnect when I navigate Map > Run > (Select the Map ID) > Run Map the SmartConnect Progress dialog is shown, but does not progress beyond the status message of "Retrieving data…".  Nothing is populated in the Start Time, End Time, Elapsed Time, Record Count, Error Count or Success Count fields.  The Cancel Run and Done buttons are enabled, but the Debug Log, Validation Errors, View Log and Fix buttons are disabled.  No matter how long I leave the dialog open no further status is reported by running the map.  If I choose Cancel Run or Done the dialog closes, but SmartConnect reports no diagnostics from the run: Nothing is generated in the Logs folder defined from the Setup options, nothing is shown in the Process Errors, Map Logs or Event Logs from the SmartConnect application, and no messages are generated in the Windows Event Log in the SmartConnect category.

Is this normal?  How can I go about diagnosing and correcting the testing of real-time maps?

Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

A map with a real-time data source will only execute when the real-time event is triggered.  You will need to log into GP and run the process to trigger that event.  The data from that event is sent to the SmartConnect Web Service which executes the map.  After the process runs you can view the logs and data within CRM.

Anthony H answered 8 years ago
Thanks Lorren, this makes perfect sense.  The issue turned out to be WHERE I signed-in to Dynamics GP from.  I was working on two servers:

– Database server running SQL Server, had Dynamics GP installed, and where the SmartConnect was installed
– Test workstation with Dynamics GP and SmartConnect installed.

From the test workstation I used SmartConnect to setup the data-sources and real-time workflows. But it wasn't until I logged-in to Dynamics GP from the database server did the triggers get installed.  No amount of logging-off and logging-in on the test workstation would invoke the trigger installation.
Lorren answered 8 years ago

Make sure you have the SmartConnect GP dictionary installed on every workstation where GP is running.  Without that dictionary, the trigger within GP cannot fire and send the data through SmartConnect.


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