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SmartConnect into Extender Form

westrbi asked 8 years ago
I have Extender in Dynamics GP 2013 and SmartConnect. I have an Extender form that uses Account Code as the ID Field Prompt. Our account code strings are 27 characters long. When I manually enter data into the form, the entire account code string is stored. But when I try to import using a SmartConnect map (or an Extender import), the account code string is cut off after 15 characters. Is there anything I can do to get the entire account code to import so I don’t have to manually add thousands of records by hand?
Best Answer
Chris answered 8 years ago
Which version/build of SmartConnect are you using? There was a problem report a long time ago where the extender key field string would truncate but that should no longer be the case on the current builds of SmartConnect.

If you are on an older version I'd recommend upgrading but if you are on the latest build I'd say to contact our support team to look at it directly as that isn't something that we have had anyone come across for a very long time so it'd be easier if they were to stream in directly with you.


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