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SmartConnect, File Sourced Map

moore asked 8 years ago
I have a file sourced map that includes XML, as it is used for importing new contract quotes into GP.  When I export the map from our production environment and import to our development environment, I lose the map and get the following error. "The following map lines have been removed" -Create Quote.  This could have been caused because you don't have access to the map line or it has been deleted".  Any thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?
lorren replied 8 years ago

That message means the user doesn't have access to the Contract Quotes Node within the development environment. Make sure the user trying to access the map has security to the Node

After you import the node, run SmartConnect System Maintenace as well.

Roger Thayer of The TM Group replied 6 years ago

Multiple users, only one has this problem. The other users are able to access and run the map without issue. One user is unable to run a specific map as the mappings are missing, blanked out. Security doesn’t seem to be the issue as the map was duplicated from another and the hapless user is able to run the original without problems. The cloned map simply fails for the one but not other users.

John replied 6 years ago

I have the same issue – any progress on how/why this might happen?

Debi replied 3 years ago

Was there a resolution on the above. I have the same issue and the user was using the map without issue 2 days ago but mappings are now lost. They are in a terminal server environment and all other users can run the particular map without issue.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 3 years ago


it would depend on your destination but assuming GP, the answer is always that they don’t have access to the individual eConnect destination nodes. Always.

Go into the Connector security and double click on the dynamics GP node to open the eCOnnect destinations window. choose ‘mark all’ from the top so that they have access to all the nodes.

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