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SmartConnect Excel Addin

Lewis asked 6 years ago
I’m just setting up the excel add in for SmartConnect 2016. 
my objective is to import from excel to the Sales Order Entry window.
in one row, I’ve purposely added an invalid inventory Item to see if I get an exception report.   However the validation comes back as successful.  What am I missing?  is this feature suppose to verify every line in the import, before actually importing
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
The “Validate” button on the Excel addin is to validate that you can connect to the web service destination with the credentials entered.  It doesn’t submit the data itself to the map.  That’s what the “run map” button is for.
Lewis replied 6 years ago

Thank you for your quick reply.. I’m running “Run Map” now

and I’m now getting the error messages.. This is what I was looking for

Thank you

Lewis replied 6 years ago

I just ran the import successfully… However does the column Headers need to be in the first row? The template I want to use has the column headers on the 10 row with other header information and will not verify unless I delete the first 9 rows

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 6 years ago

Lewis, yes the headers have to be in row 1. The option you would have is to create another sheet and use formulas to pull the data from this sheet to the other one so the headers start in row 1 and data starts in row 2.

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