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SmartConnect Excel add in error

Ted Lambert asked 10 years ago
I'm trying to get SmarConnect's Excel add-in working for uploading a map.

I can see the Web Service, and that has been put in the web service field… should I use the root, or a path further down the tree?

However, I'm getting the following error:

"Error Reading from sheet 'Visa', please check the sheet name and Data"

The sheet is present, and I've tried Visa$, and other varations.
The map works fine run against the actual SmartConnect program.

Is there any more information in regard to getting debugging info, or anything that can help pinpoint what isn't working?

Dynamics GP 2010
Excel 2010 replied 10 years ago

Did you find a fix for this?  We're getting the same thing.  

Edwin replied 10 years ago

I suspect this is because of Excel Office being the 64-bit version.
Add-ins work fine on my local (32-bit) version of Office, but not at all on the 64-bit version on my VM.

eOne – can we PLEASE get a difinitive answer on this one?


Best Answer
DHolmes answered 10 years ago

The problem is explained in this article with key points being the redistributable file to download, and the install tip .  To summarize, first you must download the accessDatabaseEngine file at and run this from the command line using the ‘/passive’ flag to allow 64-bit office to run the excel addin.



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