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SmartConnect Event Logs

Paul Jackson asked 7 years ago
Hi, I have a small but rather annoying issue in the SmartConnect application which runs on a Windows 2012R2 Server. The Event Logs on the Logs menu are not populating with any entries whatsoever. If I setup a filter in the windows event logs for SmartConnect with eOneSmartConnec Source as the description I can see entries herer, so this is a work around that works.
I would however like the Event Logs on the Logs menu of the SmartConnect application to pupulate if at all possible. I do know that we had a previous Windows 2008 server where entries were displayed here.
I am not overly familiar with SmartConnect so please forgive my ignorance but does anyone have any idea where this issue may lie. As far as I can see the user acocunt that runs both the eOne SmartConnect Service and eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Integration Service are the same. I know on our previous server they were not local admins, they did have modify permissions on both the share the Excel documents were being loaded from and also the templates folder. The maps were owened by a different user who had access to the maps with permisisons to view logs and map logging was switched on for each map as far as I can see. Any pointers or guidance on how this should be setup and configured correctly would be gratly appreciated.
Thanks Paul

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