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SmartConnect Dynamics CRM Connector-web service call failed error

hari asked 6 months ago


I am trying to implement real-time integration between Dynamics 365 Online and GP with SmartConnect but have problems with webservice call

Error: “Plugin processing failed : Web service call failed : There was no endpoint listening at http://xxxx:5557/SmartConnect.svc/ that could accept the message.”

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. 

Mickie Stamm answered 5 months ago

Hi Hari – did you get your answer to this yet? This is one of ‘those errors’ that can end up being one of a few different things. An issue with firewall rules/ports could be the case here. Issues with the config, DNS or the URI being called. Are there any errors in the event log? What version of SmartConnect? Assuming that you can browse to the service successfully at http://xxxx:5557/SmartConnect.svc? Also, that the Web Service URL is configured correctly in the Setup window in SmartConnect?

If you got this to work, can you let us know what the issue was? If not, then maybe checking on the items above and letting us know more details. Thanks!

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