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SmartConnect displaying empty Group for Microsoft Dynamics GP destination

Mariano Gomez asked 9 years ago
Hi all, SmartConnect v20.13.1.89 for GP 12 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 (12.00.1482) Windows 8.1 (IIS 8.5) SQL Server 2012 I have followed all the installation instructions in the manual and cannot seem to get the Destination Group to show any values in order to setup the map destination. I have uninstalled eConnect (which was installed prior to SmartConnect being installed) and have had the SmartConnect installer do the eConnect installation. I can’t seem to get any groups to show up, has anyone ran into this before?
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

It sounds like you have not set up the Dynamics GP Connector yet.

From the SmartConnect main window, click on Setup->Setup and enter the information for the Dynamics GP Connector.

After that is complete and saved, click on Setup->System Maintenance.

Mariano Gomez replied 9 years ago

Yup! That was it! Was having a brain fart there for a bit.

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