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SmartConnect CRM Objects

bushman4 asked 10 years ago
This is getting really frustrating…
While following along in the help files, in the section titled:
Importing the SmartConnect CRM 2011 Customizations
There are two hotlinks… one to here:
labelled "Change tracking entities, workflow and documentation"
and one to here:
labelled "SmartConnect CRM templates"
Neither link works.
I have two files that I got from my var that have what looks like similar content, but I don't know which is the correct one to use, so I figured I'd get the latest one from the web site, but they are no where to be found.
The first file I have are, containing "CRM Templates Install Guide V2010.docx" and a file named ""
The second file I have is which contains "" and "Installing Change"
Where do I get the actual current customizations that I need to install into CRM 2011?
Thank you,
Glenn replied 10 years ago

The links in the SmartConnect_Manual_2011.pdf do not work but the link Chris posted works fine for me.

Anonymous replied 10 years ago

I checked out our downloads page and couldn't find the broken links. All the links on the CRM downloads for SmartConnect worked for me: Can you try download them again, as those should have the files you need. H

bushman4 replied 10 years ago

I was clicking on links in the help file (the .chm file) that comes up when you choose "help" in SmartConnect.  You may want to set up a redirect from the links that I posted above to the real files so that everyone who uses the help file does not get the same errors as me when they trry to download.

I also had no idea that each sub product of SmartConnect had its own download section.  I was going to products->Smart Connect, and clicking "Download" there.

Thank you for the updated links.

But I guess one of my original questions still applies… do I load the customizations that are in or the ones that are found in or both?  Or are they redundant?



Best Answer
Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
Yeah we'll be adding some links on the main download page to make the sub-pages for donwloads easier to get to.

You should only need the customization in the file.

The change tracking file is for when you want to create you own change based maps using CRM as a source. Those won't even be needed in the newest version of SmartConnect that will be coming out which will actually create everything that is needed in the map for CRM change sources.


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