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SmartConnect Coupa integration issue

Brad asked 7 years ago
We have a map that will hourly download all approved Coupa Payable transactions and load them into one of several company DB’s.  It seems to work just fine most of the time but it seems that once or twice a month it returns an error, showing blank records in all fields and all transactions from that batch, occurring after the record that errored, will not load.  If I go into Coupa and reset the the import flag so the offending transaction reloads, it comes in just fine.  A comparison between the original imported data and the second import show the data is identical.
What might cause a transaction that has all required fields to return blanks?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 7 years ago


Interesting – that’s a new one on us. I don’t know if the source is a csv file, or sql query, or it is being pushed to the eOne web service via Coupa.

But essentially you’d have to do some logging on the smartconnect side to see if you can see the flow of data from there to SmartConnect as a start.

of course what is going to make this difficult is that you say it happens rarely so any kind of intensive tracing/logging would be difficult.

we can look into more closely it if you want to start a case with eOne.

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