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SmartConnect connectors not appearing

Valeria asked 6 years ago
Hello everyone, good afternoon,
I’m writing to ask about SmartConnect GP Connectors. I’m trying to connect from CRM but when I choose ‘Connectors’ options, the next fields to complete appear in blank.
Does anyone know if I have to install connectos in GP aswell? 
Thank you in advanced. 
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 6 years ago
In order to connect to GP you will need to install eConnect and setup the GP Connector.
In SmartConnect > Setup >Setup > Microsoft Dynamics GP Connector set it up to point to your GP instance. Then run system maintenance on the Setup tab.
Valeria replied 6 years ago

Hello, good morning! Thank you for your answer. Once I ran the process you mentioned, I was able to see the MS Dynamics products in the setup window.
Based on that, I have a new question: I’m working with Argentinian localization (as an addon to GP). Does eConnect integrate with addons? Thank you! Regards.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago


That’s a good question to ask Microsoft as the eConnect procs are theirs. However in my experience I can almost certainly say “no”. For the most part, eConnect only works with “Core” GP with a few exceptions such as Project Accounting in POP and AA in many (but not all) GP nodes.

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