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SmartConnect Calculated Additional Column

nihad asked 8 months ago

Hi all


I need some coding help


I have found an AP integration MAP and edited it accordingly 

now I’m stuck a little bit below is the preview of the MAP


as you can see the MAP generated Purchase Amount, Tax Amount and Creditors Amount but when I upload it the whole of column F8 for Purchase Amount gets uploaded which isn’t right and same for Tax amount 

I’m thinking to over come this is to create 2 calculated additional columns but I’m not great at coding

Those two columns to say “Sum F10 where Linetype column = 3-tax” this way it will only sum the Tax
Second column to say “Sum F8 where Linetype column = 1-exp”


Michael replied 8 months ago

Q: For 6200 (F3) & 117-01 (F4): Is your purchase amounts pulling in with a total of 123.51 and tax as 24.69?
If yes: You need to group your records in the create payables transaction node. Grouping by F3 and F4 should return 41.17 (purchases) and 8.23 (tax).

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