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SmartConnect Build Numbers

TimLondonUK asked 9 years ago
Is there a list somewhere of SmartConnect build numbers to version and service pack names? I can see in the SmartConnect client interface that it might say ‘SmartConnect Version:’ but other than assuming that this is SmartConnect 2012 I have no way of telling for sure if this is Service Pack 1/2/3 or Hotfix 1/2/3 etc. as the release notes on the SmartConnect download page of the website don’t contain build numbers. Please could you include these in release notes or publish a build number version name table on your blog?
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

The first two numbers, 20.12; 20.13 are the release number.  The next number is the service pack number.  The change to the last number would indicate the next hotfix.


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