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SmartConnect and Extender

gstewart asked 9 years ago
In GP 2010, we set up an Extender window attached to the GL Transaction scrolling window so that we can add a long description to each GL account in a journal entry. We are going to use SmartConnect to import journal entries from Excel 2010. We have set up the map to use the JournalNumber GP Rolling Column in the Create Journal node. We also added the Extender window as a node to the GL Transactions map. The Extender window key fields are the journal number and the line sequence number. We are having problems mapping both of these fields for the Extender window. Do you have any solution for this?  Thanks – Georgia Stewart
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

To map the same Sequence number, you will need to create Global Variables that you increment, in calculated fields.

Create  two Global Variables
Increment one global variable within a calculated field that is mapped to the Sequence Number for the GL Line
Increment the other global variable within a calculated field that is mapped to your sequence line key on the Extender node
(be sure they increment by the same value)
Then reset clear the global values in either a calculated field that is at the GL header or as part of a restriction script (this is always called) for the header.  Make sure your header restriction always returns true.  Hope that helps.

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