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smartconnect 2021 manual

Kieren asked 10 months ago

The first 2 months of using smart connect have been made significantly more difficult due to the fact that there is still no manual available.

having to work from a smart connect 2018 manual have proven quite a challenge as are some major changes between the versions.

its extremely disappointing that i believe this version has been out for over a year and still no proper documentation available.

Anthony replied 9 months ago

Hi SmartConnect team,
I agree with Kieren. Can we have an updated documentation please as many of the functions and screen have changed compared to 2018.



James answered 5 months ago

Hi Kieran,

On our products download page, we have an updated manual for SmartConnect 21 that was updated 5/19/2022. I’ll attach a link to the page on this answer.

SmartConnect On-Premise Downloads | SmartConnect (

Kieren replied 3 months ago

well noted. many thanks. now downloaded

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