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SmartConnect 2018

Joseph Powers asked 5 years ago
With SmartConnect 2018 when using SQL 2014 can the SQL Trace Flag 9481 to force the SQL Cardinality Estimator to level to SQL 2012 be removed now?
Did SmartConnect 2018 fix the crashing of the EOne SmartConnect Service requiring that one create a scheduled task to stop and restart the service multiple times per day.
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

According to the SmartConnect 2018 release notes, there were only 3 bugs fixed:

and none of them are in regards to the above.

There was a lot of work done on the SmartConnect 2017 scheduler that has increased the stability so (hopefully) you wouldn’t have to restart the service multiple times per day (ouch).

I don’t believe the cardinality estimator was changed with SC 2017 so that would remain in place but you’d want to test that if you update to at least SC 2017.

Joseph Powers replied 5 years ago

No, we are running 20.17..0.17 right now and both problems still occur and have for the last several versions. Is there a plan to fix these ?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

there is a bug on the cardinality issue so I assume that is on the list for some point. However for your “my service crashes a lot” issue – maybe but only if it so happens that there is a know reason of why this happens and bug is written for it (and then fixed).

With the fixes done with SC 2017, what we are now seeing more “System.OutOfMemory” errors on the scheduler and so not sure if those are coming out just because the other issues were resolved. Or is being caused by the fixes or other changes. We’ve found that having a lot of “log” files seems to make this happen. Typically we recommend running a SQL script to clear those out. email and we’ll send you one that we give out and hopefully that’ll help.

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