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SmartConnect 2012 CRM Only Sample Map asked 10 years ago
I am looking for CRM sample maps – CRM ONLY no GP. 

I would like to see several CRM to CRM sample maps that sum child records to parent, build name field, perform advanced calculations, . . .

molsen replied 10 years ago

Hy Bruce

The good thing is that SC works exactly the same – regardless of the datasource.  So wether you are working with a txt field, GP data, CRM data, some random XML or SQL data the  functionlaity is the same.

Provided the dat you want is accessible there are many ways ot tackle it. You can perform goruping and subtotals in your datasource (e.g. a view), you can do some calculations within SC etc.  I would be happy to point you in the right direction on a couple of real scenarios if you like.

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