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KParker asked 8 years ago
When opening any map (happens with every map I try to open) I get the following error: The following map lines have been removed: It then lists the mappings. Then it says: This could have been caused because you don't have access to the map line or it has been deleted. I was working on several maps yesterday and it worked fine. What would cause this problem. Please help!
Best Answer
Anderson Phillips answered 5 years ago
I experienced this issue as well with an end user after duplication a map. To resolve this issue, verify the user has access to the  Connector “nodes”.
1. Setup >> Security
2. Select End User
3. Select Connectors >> Connector Permissions
4. Check the applicable nodes.
5. Save changes.
Thanks to EOne Support for the assistance.
sueconrod answered 8 years ago
This happens to our users due to the fact that the columns they have on their maps don't match the source columns that are listed on the maps.  And if you say save then you loose the mapping.  Which causes an issue for the next user who expects to be able to run their map with the correct detail all mapped. Even worse if you have just enough fields mapped to the source to meet the minimum requirement to bring in data and then it is missing a whole bunch of fields.

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