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Smart View error message

Susan asked 10 years ago
When trying to save a SmartView favorite I am receiving the following message “Script SaveFavorite, compilation error: Syntax error: ” The filters that I have applied are then listed and I am unable to save the Favorite. How can I resolve this?
Jamie replied 10 years ago

What version of SmartView are you on?

What list are you making the favorite from?

Please list the fields you are filtering.

Thank you,


Susan replied 10 years ago

Hi Jamie,
It is built around the Sales Transaction Smartlist. Filters on Sop Type = Invoice, Doc Date is between, Document Amount > 0.00, SOp number begins with X. I will have verify the version of SmartView, they are running GP version 10.0

Susan. replied 10 years ago

Hi Jamie,
SmartView version: 10.0.18
In working yesterday – we created a new SmartView Favorite built on Sales Transactions. We were able to save the list, apply the filters and save it again. When we tried to remove a column from the list we received the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. We then have to close out of SmartView and go back in again. Any insight would be appreciated!

Jamie replied 10 years ago


Please upgrade to SmartView 10.0.41 on our website. Release notes for that version state;
Resolved Issues

Arthur replied 9 years ago

Hi Jamie,
We are experiencing the same error (Syntax error) when trying to save a SmartView favorite, and e are already on Smartview 10.0.41
We are able to save the favorite if we remove one of our criteria, which is very long.
This appears to be a limitation with the Restriction_Text field of table SV00100, even though there is no such restriction with the SQL data type. This only happens when the combined criteria is more than 255 characters long.
Is there an actual limitation on how long a search criterion can be with SmartView? There does not seem to be any mention of such limitation in the manuals or in the eOne knowledge base.

Janeece Moreland replied 7 years ago

Did you ever figure out a workaround to the 255 character limitation? I am having the same issue in Smartlists even with Smartlist Builder.

Nicole answered 9 years ago
There is a portion of the Microsoft Dynamics GP code called the Dexterity Bridge that allows a .NET application like SmartView talk to Dexterity which is the language that GP is written in.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP 10, there is a Problem Report in this Dexterity Bridge where it treats text fields as strings which is why text fields always cut off at 255 characters and don't allow more. 

This is fixed in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and 2013, but we aren't aware of a plan to fix it in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 as there are no more scheduled service packs for 10.  Because of this, we aren't able to do anything to get around the issue in SmartView on GP 10.


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